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I am an Adobe Certified Training Provider who offers consulting, support and training in print, digital, video and online publishing technologies. My specialities include cross-media publishing, structured documentation, typography and colour management.

I provide customized service to clients across many different industries. Adobe Systems is a long-term customer; others include Apple, Boeing, Condé Nast, GrindMedia, the Los Angeles Times, Mattel, Motor Trend, Neutrogena, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, S C Johnson, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Walt Disney, and Zippo.

Today’s publishing technology is powerful, but complex. For years, my clients have relied on me to help them stay up to date, remain productive, and save money. They depend upon my combined breadth of knowledge, highly specialized skills, and attention to detail.

Graphic: The text ‘Andrew Keith Strauss’ handset in 60 point Monotype Centaur titling capitals for letterpress printing.


I’ve been an Adobe Certified Trainer since 2002, and am one of the most diversely ACE-certified professionals in the company’s history. My expertise covers all forms of publishing: print, online, video and digital. Learn more about my skills.

Graphic: A type case containing 48 point Linotype Palatino italic swash capital sorts for handset letterpress printing.


I offer a variety of consulting, training and support services. Depending on the situation, these services can be delivered onsite or remotely. All the work I do is specifically customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

Graphic: A variety of metal abstract symbol sorts from various typefaces for handset letterpress printing.


I’ve worked with individuals, small businesses, governments, non-profits, and some of the most well-known companies in the world. Learn who they are, and read case studies about how they have relied upon my knowledge and expertise.

Graphic: A large ampersand metal type sort set in a square gothic typeface for handset letterpress printing, as well as a couple of cold-cast lines of text set by Linotype machine in ATF Garamond Three.


I spend a lot of time experimenting with new publishing technology and researching related subjects of interest. This habit helps me better serve my clients. These essays reflect the extent and eclectic nature of my studies.

Masthead Graphic: The quote ‘Call me Ishmael’ handset for letterpress printing using two different typefaces. The first line is set in Trump Mediäval, designed by George Trump and released by the Weber type foundry in 1954; the second line is set in Sabon Antiqua, designed by Jan Tschichold and released by Stempel in 1967.


I am always happy to discuss how I can help you to be more effective, efficient and economical. There are several ways to contact me directly: by telephone, by post, or online. I can also send you a copy of my award-winning printed portfolio.

Masthead Graphic: A variety of metal type sorts for handset letterpress printing in a resorting tray.


On occasion, I like to write essays. They cover a wide variety of subjects – including typography, publishing technology, and practical advice on how to be more productive. Please join my email list to be informed when new essays are posted.

Location – Home