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The philosopher Peter Drucker stated that the primary responsibility of a business is to serve its customers. I maintain this tenet very diligently – and my clients have come to rely on my insistence on placing professional impartiality over personal profit.

All the consulting, training and support services that I offer are customized to fit the specific requirements of each individual client. I work with every customer to ensure that they get what they need, and that their investment is well spent.

To see who I’ve helped and what I’ve done, please refer to the Client List, Case Studies and Experience sections of the website. And feel free to contact me directly to determine how I can best serve you.

Three Fundamental Goals

I offer everything from simple training to complex publishing workflow consulting. Services include training customers in specific software like Photoshop from scratch, and working with companies to better prepare their content for simultaneous publication in print, online, on tablets and other mobile devices.

I work with clients to achieve three simple goals:


A customer must always become more effective at what they do. Whether that means learning a new skill to extend their existing talents, improving existing skills, or setting up a new workflow to publish to new media, I work diligently to ensure that clients become more capable and adaptable.


One of the biggest challenges is keeping up-to-date with new publishing technology. I help clients become more productive using two simple methods: by teaching them the new features of the software that they already use, and by training them to use new software, tools and workflows to do the same work in significantly less time.


I work with clients to help them save money in the long term. Many publishing workflows have undetected bottlenecks which result in unnecessary expenses – one of my specialities is finding and resolving these issues. I also help customers understand where a small investment can make a big difference in producing the same amount of work at a lower cost.

Summary of Services

I offer a wide variety of services. The best way to find out how I can best help you is to contact me directly. If you’d prefer to learn more before doing so, here are a few different ways that I work with customers:

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Onsite Consulting

My most popular service. Whether you’re evaluating new media formats or trying to optimize an existing publishing workflow, I can help you better understand your options and work on their implementation. Esoteric projects are a speciality.

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Remote Consulting

A convenient service for case-by-case issues. If you need an independent opinion or want some assistance solving something holding up a project, I can help. Remote consulting is available by telephone, email and online.

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Onsite Training

An Adobe Certified Trainer since 2002, I have delivered training onsite in a variety of formats to all types of customers. I cover most publishing applications and technologies, including Acrobat, Digital Publishing Suite, Dreamweaver, Edge, Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, Lightroom, Muse and Photoshop.

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Remote Training

Sometimes all you need is a bit of help with a specific application feature. Sometimes you need to learn how to perform a particular practical task. And sometimes geography gets in the way. I offer remote training to individuals to serve these needs. Training is highly customized, and delivered in short sessions.

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Onsite Support

An important part of any training and consulting project is following up on a customer’s progress. I offer a variety of options, including periodic onsite visits, walkabout and worksite service. I provide clients with peace of mind by being available when they most need the help.

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Remote Support

An option for clients who run into challenges that don’t require an onsite visit. This is an ideal choice for individuals and company staff who need help with a problem that can be diagnosed and resolved by telephone or email.

What You Can Expect

My goal is to provide you customized service designed with your best interests in mind. Never more than what you need, and never less than what you require.

As one of the most diversely-certified people in the history of Adobe’s Training Provider programme, I cater to a wide variety of clients. No matter who you are, you will receive the same excellence in service and attention to detail that I provide to all of my customers. This is what you can expect:

Consulting, Training & Support

Every customer receives a balanced combination of consulting, training and support. I always perform an initial consultation with clients to determine what is needed for the situation at hand, and make specific recommendations based upon what will provide the best value for their investment.

Onsite & Remote Services

I aim to offer service to best meets a customer’s needs in the most practical and effective manner possible. Most of my services are delivered onsite. In some cases, it is more economical to offer effective service remotely – this is usually done as a compliment to onsite work.

The advantage of onsite training, consulting and support is its interactive nature. Using training books and online videos is a one-way conversation, and is not well-suited to most people’s educational needs. My customers rely on me to help them learn new skills, and how to apply them in a practical manner. They also like the ability to ask questions at any time, and to get the answers they need to become more productive.

Direct Service

I have strict policy of rendering all service directly. Years of experience have taught me that subcontracted training, consulting and support is not in the best interests of the customer – it increases costs, reduces accountability, and introduces unnecessary complexity and delays.

Consequently, you can be guaranteed that any services that you receive from me are never subcontracted. It allows me to provide more consistent service, and helps you to avoid the undesirable expense of middlemen.

Customized Service

Every customer is unique. That’s why I don’t provide any cookie-cutter service. Instead, I am highly adaptable to the conditions of every situation, and will offer only the help that each client specifically requires.

Providing customized service might sound like an expensive proposition. However, I have a reputation for saving my clients money. I concentrate on what will help them work more productively and economically, rather than selling them services that they essentially don’t need.

Quality First

I pay great attention to detail. All the services that I provide are delivered in a manner that best meets my customers’ practical needs. That’s why many clients are repeat customers – they depend upon my commitment to consistently high-quality service.

The Ability to Make Unpopular Choices

I have a reputation for preferring effective solutions over convenient ones. My preference is to always do what will result in the best long-term outcome the customer.

My clients rely on my unique combination of skills and knowledge to provide them with the professional advice that they need. That means that they can depend on me to be direct and straightforward, even if my recommendations are undesirable or inconvenient. My goal is to deliver effective service – not to defer to options that I feel will be ultimately detrimental.

Holistic & Contextual

Things don’t occur in isolation. Publishing systems can be notoriously fickle, and vulnerable to minor changes. That’s why I always customize my services to best fit customers’ workflows.

All the training that I deliver is designed to provide students with the both theoretical knowledge and the practical experience to get their work done. And any consulting and support is structured in a way that’s contextual to existing publishing workflows and processes. My goal is improve existing workflows where possible, and replace failing processes with more flexible models.

Long Term Approach

Sometimes a quick-fix solution is what’s needed; but in many cases, it’s a waste of money. I help customers save by providing services that best meet their long-term needs.

My unique combination of consulting, training and support allows me to work with clients in a way that helps them keep up-to-date with an ever-increasing array of different publishing technologies. I work with customers to evaluate what training and consulting services they need to become more productive in the short term, and follow up with long-term support to ensure that they are prepared for new technology as it arises.

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