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A major challenge with publishing tools and technology is keeping up to date. Another challenge is determining which technology to use – and how to use it productively. Doing so involves considerable investment, plus a lot of trial and error.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many clients to ensure that they’re working as effectively, efficiently and economically as possible. This means providing the appropriate balance of consulting, training and support to satisfy each customer’s specific needs.

Here are a few case studies describing some examples of how I’ve helped clients achieve their practical goals, saving them thousands of dollars in the process.

Graphic: The letters ‘TYPEFACE’ typeset in digital Linotype Univers by Adrian Frutiger – different translucent weights of the typeface are overlaid, producing a blurred pattern.

The Unpredictable Typeface

A client runs into a problem when the typeface they use in their publication fails to render properly on the press. My solution: rebuild the font to work in print, and retrofit it for future online use.

Graphic: Screenshot of the Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Animation Timeline Panel showing keyframed layers.

The Dynamic Storyboard

An advertising firm’s designers spend countless redundant hours producing storyboards for online banners. I teach them to use their existing software in ways they never imagined possible.

Graphic: A variety of metal type sorts for handset letterpress printing in a resorting tray.

The Value of Professionalism

Finding impartial professional advice is difficult. An example of how I saved a client tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses by placing their best interests before my own personal profit.

Graphic: The Standard RGB and Swop CMYK colour gamuts superimposed on the 1931 CIE XYZ colour space diagram.

The Broken Colour Reference

A magazine’s colour management system relies on a single reference point: the editor’s monitor. When his screen breaks, their workflow comes to a halt. I help them fix the problem permanently.

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