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Recognizing the unique needs of each client is my speciality. That’s why so many call upon my expertise. My customers include individuals, small businesses, governmental and non-profit organizations, and some of the most famous companies in the world.

Every customer with whom I work – no matter the size – gets the same dedicated service and attention to detail that I have offered for years. Consequently, referrals make up the majority of my new business. And many clients have become repeat customers.

That is why Adobe Systems – the company responsible for much of today’s creative software and publishing technology – is a long term client. When Adobe needed someone to train their own staff in preparation for the release of the original Creative Suite in 2003, they turned to me to help them out. And when Apple’s Design Studio needed help moving their publishing workflow to InDesign, Adobe asked me to handle the project personally.

Graphic: A variety of metal capital ‘A’s from various typefaces for handset letterpress printing.

Client List

The reputation of any professional depends upon the clients they serve. Find out with whom I’ve worked over the years.

Graphic: A variety of metal type sorts for handset letterpress printing in a resorting tray.

Case Studies

If you’re wondering how I can help you, here are some case studies describing how I have helped my clients.

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